PaperRetriever Recycling

St. Teresa’s has a paper recycling bin. It is stationed in the back corner of our parking lot (north east) behind the four car garage. The paper we collect will not only keep our environment
cleaner (less thrown into landfills), it will also raise some money for the parish.

Here is How You Can Help
You can recycle paper at our location 7 days a week.

We earn money for paper dropped off at our green and yellow Paper Retriever® bin.

What Can Be Put in the Bin?
Please remember to bring your paper and drop it in the Paper Retriever® bin. This bin is free to use, just bring us your paper!

We accept:
Shopping Catalogs
Office and School Papers
Please no plastic, metal, glass, trash or cardboard!

It’s That Easy!
Please add recycling to your errand route and bring your paper by once a week – help our organization and the environment!

Thank you for your support of this important fund-raising effort.

For more information, log on to or call our office at 440-934-4227.

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